Varna has acquired a business pre-accelerator to support new businesses

On Friday in the Varna Hall with the hosted by the Municipality of Varna, the team of experts and consultants of the Northeast Business Pre-Accelerator established under Project BG05M9OP001-1.023-0145-C01 under the Procedure for Support for Entrepreneurship under the HRD OP met with interested from the opportunity to start their own business. Meetings will take place in Dobrich, Shumen and Silistra. The project was implemented by the Business Agency Association in partnership with the Municipality of Varna, the Excellence Center, the Bulgarian Business Forums Association, the Shared Workplace-Varna Association and the Varna-European Youth Capital Association for 14 months. a total value of BGN 356 725,60.
Nearly 100 people met the services of the teams aimed at supporting the creation of their own business with the help of HRD OP. Entrepreneurship training in small groups with a different program tailored to the needs of the participants, personal consultations with experienced experts and mentors, support for the preparation of their own business plan and funding will be given to 260 persons, mainly unemployed and inactive, half of them up to 29 years of age .
The participants in the meeting met the numerous pre-accelerator team, the rich and diverse experience of the partner organizations, the structure and scope of the support he offers, the possibilities to further develop and fund their ideas.
The pre-accelerator is an opportunity for people in the Northeast to clarify and propel their ideas on a modern working model that helps people who otherwise find it difficult to get help for their own businesses - unemployed youths, people over 54, rejected by the labor market, people with different difficulties, to deploy their initiative in a direction tailored to the real needs and opportunities of the region. The platform for the pre-accelerator - - was also presented, to which participants can apply, as well as the FB website and the vba @ vba email. bg. The next meeting will take place in early September.
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