First CARPE DIGEM Project Stakeholder Group Meeting in Varna

CARPE DIGEM Project Stakeholder Group Meeting in Varna

The CARPE DIGEM stakeholder group meeting took place on 24.01.2020 in the Art Salon Radio Varna, in Varna, Bulgaria.

The meeting was attended by over 20 representatives from various regional and national organizations and involved a presentation from BA project representatives to the stakeholder group on the objectives and steps of the CARPE DIGEM project.

The meeting started with a presentation about the interregional cooperation programme INTERREG EUROPE 2014-2020 and how it contributes to the development of regions and improving people's lives.


Then continues with a presentation from the perspective of the concrete benefits for the regional economy and the future of the city. Information about the project CARPE DIGEM, who are the project partners and how can the region benefit from their experience and policies to finance digital innovation ecosystems was provided. Answers of questions as:

  • how to support digital innovation cooperation and the creation of digital innovation hubs and other structures;
  • what is a digital innovation ecosystem and how it changes the future of regions outside capitals and financial and industrial centers;
  • what is the Innovation Hub, who and how to create it and
  • how to function for the benefit of local businesses, people and Institutions;
  • how the partners have developed their systems and hubs – ideas and results for the benefit of Bulgaria and Varna.

were part of the discussion during the meeting.

During the meeting, main good practices on digital transformation were presented. The participants discussed their eligibility under the project. The stakeholders also analyzed the transferability, innovation, sustainability, effectiveness and also the potential impact on the region. Map of the needs for the digital transformation of the region, sectors and opportunities and further steps for impact were discussed.

The event closed with a summary of the next steps and tasks of the local stakeholder group on the CARPE DIGEM project and an open discussion.
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