We are ready for the digital world to discuss in Varna

Readiness for digital transformation has been discussed by companies from traditional industries such as tourism, transport and construction with companies from the IT sector in Varna in the first of a series of meetings aimed at improving the online performance of the business.

Each of the companies involved in the meeting also received a handbook for assessing the so- "Digital maturity". With it, every business, regardless of the sector in which it operates, can assess its degree of digitization, see where its strengths and weaknesses are, and take measures to increase its competitiveness.

According to the Bulgaria Report on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 1 for 2018, our country still fails to make the most of the benefits of digitization. According to data in the same report, in 2018 the number of digitized enterprises in Bulgaria is among the lowest in the EU. Less than one third of Bulgarian companies are represented digitally, according to research and research by the Bulgarian Industrial Association. The idea of ​​the series of meetings organized by the Business Agency Association is to use the potential of the digital technology companies in the Varna region and to strengthen the dialogue between them and the low-tech local companies.

Participation for companies in meetings is free of charge. In order to best judge what traditional and digital companies need, Business Agency Associations have developed questionnaires are self-assessment.for digital sector companies - Digital transformation supply questionnaire:

- for digital sector companies - Digital transformation supply questionnaire:

- for non-digital sector companies - Digital transformation demand questionnaire:

The Business Agency Association is conducting a regional evaluation to identify the main challenges and opportunities for companies belonging to strategic sectors in Northeastern Bulgaria regarding their digital transformation.

Additional information about the idea:

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