We are starting work on the eDigiStars project, under the Interrege Danube Transnational program

eDigiStars is a project involving 19 partners from 8 countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic. The main goal of the project is to create sustainable ecosystems that turn older adults into digitally literate, self-employed entrepreneurs. This will be done by developing and ensuring sustainability of the innovative eDigiStars system. The system consists of 3 modules - POWERYOU to empower the elderly for digital independent work, CAMPUS to adapt the relevant courses to the specific needs of the elderly and LABEL to certify these elderly people, who demonstrate sufficient digital skills. To demonstrate the impact, the project will pilot the entire eDigistar system.

Specific objectives of the project are:

• Creating sustainable structures to support the aging workforce to become digital employees

• Innovative and adaptation of digital entrepreneurship training schemes for specific needs of the target group of older people

• Building trust in digital digital self-employed among industry and business

Keep an eye on the agency's website for more information!

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