What do the digital industries in Varna offer to traditional industries and what do the low-tech companies in the region need?

The Business Agency Association reviews the evaluation at the regional level in order to identify the challenges and opportunities for the services offered to strategic sectors in Northeastern Bulgaria regarding their digital transformation.
In this connection, a study and exploitation is being conducted, which is discussed by the stakeholders can be used as a means of enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Digital transformation - this is a major shift in business and organizational activities, processes, competences and models to make full change and opportunities for different digital technologies and to accelerate the impact on society and the economy in a strategic way.
Bulgaria, as well as the Varna region, fails to benefit to the maximum extent from comparable advantages of digitization, although there are significant achievements in the economic sector. Bulgaria's digital technology recovery is slow. In 2018 the probability of digitization of enterprises in Bulgaria is among the lowest in the EU.

In order to stimulate the digital transformation of the economy in the city of Varna, one of the decisions to promote the dialogue between local distributors and local companies from a non-digital business is to create a partnership and exchange of services.
BA will hold a brief workshop on March 1, 2019 to exchange ideas and netting to discuss any search and offering of digital services and products in Varna to engage in a dialogue between digital business and low-tech local business.

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DEVISE is an EU-funded project under the 2014-2020 Interregional Cooperation Program, which aims to address the challenges posed by 10 European regions to deliver and exploit the potential of digital technology companies. other companies from the sectors included in regional intelligence specialization strategies (RIS3).
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