Telemedicine and telegraphy are included in ISIS

The goal of the HoCare project 2016-2020 is to enhance the delivery of innovative home care solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening the cooperation of participants in the regional innovation system using the quadruple approach The quadruple spiral is a model of innovation cooperation or an innovation environment in which consumers, businesses, researchers and public authorities collaborate to produce innovation, resulting in a set of activities within the project being activated oh this innovation cooperation at various levels and achieved amending innovation strategy for smart specialization of Bulgaria - ISIS.
ISIS is the main document for the implementation of Priority Axis 1 of OPIC. Upon updating the thematic subdivisions, the Business Agency Association submitted a proposal, developed and actively consulted with the project stakeholders and participated in all the consultations held by the Ministry of Economy.

As a result of these efforts telemedicine and tele-care - the main manifestations of digital innovations in home care, have already been adopted as an extension of the thematic sub-theme "ICT Approaches in Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Creative Industries", which alleviates and expands the opportunities for innovation in these areas eligible for funding under various OPCF-related procedures. Changes are reflected on p.98 and p.164 of the Updated Strategy and can be traced to the following link:…/inovacionna-strategiya-za-in…
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