The main digital trends used in the hotel industry

All the listed points require new ways of working and technologies that enhance collaboration between companies, but what does this look like in practice in the circular economy?

Need specialists or efficient generalists?

A linear economy is based on a specialized workforce whose tasks are broken down into small and simple components. The circular economy, however, requires each employee to take a holistic approach to where they sit in the organization.

Scarcity or abundance?

A linear economy is based on a scarcity of a commodity that can be demanded in the market. In the circular economy, the emphasis is on constant innovation; therefore, any abundant source available can be considered to solve a problem.

Competition or cooperation?

A linear economy is based on competition; the circular economy is based on cooperation.

Quantitative or mixed methods?

The core indicators of the linear economy are based on quantitative indicators, while the circular economy uses mixed methods that rely on qualitative data captured at various touch points in the ecosystem.

Which team structure works best?

Linear economy teams are mainly top-down; circular economy teams tend to be matrixed. Different team structures also require different types of leadership.
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