Business Agency is a partner by DEVISE project - Digital tech SMEs at the service of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies

DEVISE, or ‘Digital tech SMEs at the service of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies’ project, aims to give response to the current challenge that 10 European regions are facing to unlock and exploit the potential that digital tech SMEs have as enabler for the competitiveness of other SMEs belonging to sectors included in their Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS)

DEVISE will produce concrete outputs to develop the definition of 10 regional action plans that will help policy makers to improve the effectiveness of the instruments they are responsible through more focused actions.

The project will also put a lot of effort to set up 10 regional digital transformation enabling environments that will cooperate together. DEVISE will facilitate the creation of these environments formed by digital and other key sectors. Policy makers, business support organisations, educational centres and SMEs from the digital and other smart specialisation sectors will be the main participants and beneficiaries. These environments will bring improved coordination and increased collaboration between the digital sector and those belonging to other smart specialisation sectors.
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