OECD Going Digital Toolkit

Earlier this year, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development launched the Going Digital Toolkit to helps countries assess their state of digital development and formulate policy strategies and approaches in response.

The Toolkit features seven policy dimensions that cut across policy areas to help ensure a whole-of-economy and society approach to realizing the promises of digital transformation for all.

These seven policy dimensions bring together interrelated areas to ensure a holistic approach that balances the opportunities and risks of digital transformation:

Trust in digital environments is essential; without it, an important source of economic and social progress will be left unexploited.

Access to communications infrastructures, services and data underpin digital transformation and become more critical as more people and devices go online.

The power and potential of digital technologies and data for people, firms and governments depend on their effective use.

Innovation pushes out the frontier of what is possible in the digital age, driving job creation, productivity, and sustainable growth.

As labour markets evolve, we must ensure that digital transformation leads to more and better jobs and to facilitate just transitions from one job to the next.

Digital technologies affect society in complex and interrelated ways, and all stakeholders must work together to balance benefits and risks.

Digital technologies change the way firms compete, trade and invest; market openness creates an enabling environment for digital transformation to flourish.

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