Open procedure to promote entrepreneurship, OPIC

Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020

PRIORITY: Priority Axis 2 "Entrepreneurship and Growth Capacity for SMEs"
PROCEDURE: Promoting entrepreneurship
The procedure has two deadlines for submission of project proposals:
1 / The first deadline is 16:30 on September 5, 2018 - for NACE applicants in the NNPSIP sectors as a priority for setting up and developing new enterprises;

2 / The second deadline is 07:30 on 07.11.2018 for NACE candidates in the sectors addressing European and regional challenges.
PROCEDURE BUDGET: EUR 67 227 768.06 / EUR 34 373 012
NATURE OF EU CO-FINANCING: 80% - de minimis
- MAXIMAL BGN 200,000
The following sectoral breakdown of the available budget under the project selection procedure "Promotion of Entrepreneurship" is foreseen:
• Families of NSPPS, defined as priority for creation and development of new enterprises - BGN 36 975 272.43, Including:
- Sectors excluding ICT - 30 252 495.63 BGN;
- ICT sectors BGN 6 722 776.80
• Sectors related to overcoming European and regional challenges - BGN 30 252 495.63
• micro, small and medium enterprises legal entities or sole traders registered after 31.12.2016 under the Commerce Act or the Cooperatives Act;
• Independent enterprises under the Small and Medium Enterprises Act;
• More than 50% of the enterprise is owned by an entrepreneur;
IMPORTANT: an entrepreneur should not have a stake in the management and owns more than 10% of the capital (to be a partner or shareholder) of another legal entity or sole trader registered under the Commerce Act or the Cooperative Act, except for legal persons or sole proprietors traders who have not been active during the last two financial years.
Only candidates who develop their core business and the activity for which they apply for NACE 2008 in the following sectors are eligible:
NFIPP sectors are identified as priorities for creating and developing new businesses:
• C13 "Manufacture of textiles and textile products, without clothing";
• C20 "Manufacture of chemical products";
• C26 "Manufacture of computer and communication equipment, electronic and optical products";
• C27 "Manufacture of electrical equipment";
• C28 "Manufacture of machinery and equipment, general and special purpose";
• C29 "Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers";
• C30 "Manufacture of motor vehicles, except motor vehicles";
• J58 "Publishing";
• J59 "Production of films, television programs, sound recordings and musical publications";
• J62 "Information technology activities";
• J63 "Information Services";
• M72 "Research and Development";
Sectors to address European and regional challenges:
• C14 "Manufacture of clothing";
• C15.1 "Leather processing, manufacture of travel goods and saddlery";
• С16.29 "Manufacture of other articles of wood, manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials";
• C18 "Printing and reproduction of recorded media";
• C21 "Production of medical substances and products";
• C22 "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products";
• C23 "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products";
• C25.50 "Forging, stamping and rolling of metal, powder metallurgy";
• C25.62 "Mechanical treatment of metals";
• C25.71 "Manufacture of kitchen utensils and tableware";
• C32.20 "Production of musical instruments";
• С32.50 "Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and appliances";
• J60.10 "Creating and broadcasting radio programs";
• J60.20 "Creation and broadcasting of television programs";
• M71.11 "Architectural activities";
• M71.12 "Engineering activities and technical consultancy";
• M74.10 "Design activities";
• M74.20 "Activities in the field of photography";
• Q86 "Human Health";
• Q87 "Medical-social care with accommodation";
• Q88 "Social work without accommodation".

Creation and development of new enterprises in specific areas related to the overcoming of the European and regional challenges and the NSMEPA sectors
1. Activities for realizing the market for entrepreneurial ideas (products - goods or services) (Mandatory);
2. Project visualization activities.
1 / Remuneration costs (including employer's health and social security contributions) to qualified personnel needed to realize the market of products (goods or services) - up to 50% of the total eligible costs of the project.
IMPORTANT: Remuneration costs are eligible for staff hired solely for the purpose of the employment contract project for a minimum of 4 working hours per day for full monthly employment.
The gross wage for an 8-hour working day shall not exceed the maximum monthly amount of the insurance income for 2018 from BGN 2 600. The total amount of the gross salary, the health and social contributions at the expense of the employer for an 8-hour working day should not exceed a total of BGN 3 172 per month.
The applicant's team may include:
I. Qualified staff subject to evaluation
1. Entrepreneur (to be employed on a minimum of 4 hours per day for a minimum of 6 months within the project).
2. Persons other than the developer (no more than 3 persons and be recruited for a minimum of 4 hours a day for a period of at least 6 months)
II. Qualified staff not subject to evaluation
2. Expenditures for the acquisition of machinery, equipment and tangible fixed assets for the realization of the entrepreneurial ideas market (products - goods and / or services
3. Expenses for acquisition of the DNA (including software development costs) for the realization of the entrepreneurial ideas market (products - goods and / or services) - up to BGN 50 000.
4. Expenditure on materials and consumables for realization of the market for entrepreneurial ideas (products - goods and / or services) - up to BGN 25 000.
5. Cost of renting of working premises - up to BGN 25 000.
6. Expenditure on external services for:
• Elaboration of economic evaluation, financial evaluation and technical evaluation of products (goods and / or services);
• development of technologies for the production of goods and / or provision of services;
• elaboration of market analyzes and researches, marketing plans for market realization of entrepreneurial ideas (products - goods and / or services);
• creating a candidate's website;
• protection of industrial property at national and international level and the use of the necessary expert assistance.
IMPORTANT: Expenditure on external services under item 6 may be up to BGN 25 000, and the services should be provided by external contractors.
7. Expenditures for participation in events in the country and abroad (seminars, conferences, exhibitions) for the presentation of the applicant and his products (goods or services), expansion and development of the applicant's activity, attracting new customers and networking - costs for participation fees, mission expenses (travel, subsistence and accommodation) of the qualified personnel of the applicant - up to 10 000 BGN.
8. Visualization costs - up to 2000 leva.
• costs of purchasing land and buildings;
• costs for construction and assembly works;
• costs of purchasing software management systems - ERP, CRM and other similar systems and modules to them);
• costs of consultancy, legal and accounting services of a general nature;
• refundable VAT.
• female entrepreneurs;
• projects of persons up to 29 years of age (not completed) and of persons between 50 (completed) and 64 years (not completed:
• Projects of candidates registered in the territory of Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Lovech, Pleven, Silistra, Targovishte, Razgrad, Shumen, Pazardzhik, Smolyan, Sliven, Kardzhali, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad;
• projects implemented in one of the thematic areas of ISIS, incl. in the priority thematic areas for the relevant planning region;
The target value for the Estimated Net Sales Income and Estimated EBITDA Indicators should be in line with the Business Plan data (Appendix A). The Beneficiary is committed to taking these indicators into account at the end of the third completed financial year following the year of completion of the project.-
Duration of project implementation: 18 months.
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