Information meeting with citizens on the CECI Interreg Europe project

On 10.10.2020, at the Hashtag Studio, the Business Agency Association organized a Saturday brunch at which the CECI Interreg Europe project was presented and ideas were discussed on how to implement the circular economy in the maritime capital.

The head of the team and senior expert - Silvia Stumpf told about the mission of the project and the method of its implementation. What are the goals, how will they be achieved and introduced us to the partners from Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Slovenia, whose good practices we share with the citizens.

After that, the expert Nadezhda Alexieva presented three practices from our partners. She told how in Aragon, Spain, the topic of the circular economy has been introduced into the education system and children are taught about sustainable living from a young age. The aim of the Spanish project is to provide a new pedagogical tool to improve environmental knowledge and awareness by creating individual and team habits. The next practice that Nadezhda recounted was how bums in France make a market out of their finds, and in this way, waste pickers provide a cheap, sustainable public service while managing to earn a living and even socialize. The last good practice presented was about a brownfield in Finland, which has now become a popular venue for music and other cultural events.

We chose these three practices because they are evidence of how, with the help of citizens, the circular economy can be applied in three completely different spheres. All good practices on the project can be found here.

After the presentation, ideas were discussed with the participants on how Varna can be transformed into a more sustainable city and what the next steps will be. Stay tuned for more information and expect more events organized by us!

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