Kick-off meeting on the eDigiStars project

The first online information meeting on the eDigiStars project was held today! Together with our 18 partners from 9 countries, we presented the goals, mission and challenges facing the project. eDigiStars aims to empower older workers to become self-employed digital entrepreneurs.

Specific goals we aim for are:

1. To create sustainable structures to help older people become digitally self-employed.

2. To implement and adapt digital entrepreneurship training schemes for specific needs of the target group in the elderly.

3. To build trust in digital self-employed adults among industry and business.

eDigiStars aims to develop, pilot and sustain an innovative system that uniquely combines tools for multiple target groups. The system consists of 3 modules:

POWERYOU empowers seniors to transition to digital self-employment;

CAMPUS works to adapt existing educational courses to the needs of older people;

LABEL provides officially recognized certificates providing seniors with clear evidence of their new competencies.

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