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ONDO Solutions | Ivaylo Enev

The team of agricultural experts and agronomists at ONDO has extensive experience in designing and integrating solutions for drip irrigation automation, precise plant nutrition, and climate control in greenhouses and open fields.

Together with an experienced team of software and hardware specialists, they create reliable technological solutions that meet the needs of farmers while being easy to use and integrate with any existing agricultural infrastructure, as well as with other agricultural solutions.

ONDO allows the execution and monitoring of an unlimited number of automated irrigation and fertilization programs for crops. It can manage multiple irrigation infrastructures and valves, wirelessly (through AIR Point modules) or through cables.

They can integrate seamlessly with various sensors on the farm, enabling the initiation or skipping of irrigation schedules based on real-time soil moisture sensor data. User-set alarms notify of any deviations from the normal operation of automated irrigation. This allows for timely intervention or adjustment of the system to make automated decisions.

Thanks to detailed reports and historical data, the results of the automation can be analyzed and optimized for even higher resource efficiency and improved crop quality.

The CEO, Ivaylo Enev says that the product they have developed, is truly unique in Bulgaria, based on both software and hardware. On the agenda is a highly anticipated feature requested by their clients – the installation of wireless valves as part of the ONDO system. This solution is well-suited for open fields, significantly easing the installation and maintenance processes.
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